Welcome to ERP2Web Web Store

Welcome to the wonderful world of ERP2Web 4.10, an XML-based application that transforms your J.D. Edwards (JDE) or SAP application into a real-time, Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) electronic storefront solution on the web.

You can access ERP2Web from personal computers, as well as from mobile devices. ERP2Web is easily and rapidly configurable, enabling you to extend the web and wireless functionality quickly, without making any changes to your existing ERP application code. A web browser is all that is required to access the functionality.

The e-catalog within ERP2Web offers a unique web storefront experience for users. You can publish and assign your e-catalog to all or a subset of your customers/users, to conduct e-commerce business transactions on the web. The catalog provides the real-time price and availability information from the ERP application and provides the ability to create real-time sales orders in JDE or SAP.